Random Forest 
a NX4U project

May / June 2012
Neil Young's Americana Contest

Random Forest submitted  Wayfaring Stranger
at Talenthouse

The story 


From Talenthouse:
Neil Young is not just another rock artist; he is a master of guitar strings and a lyrical luminary. To celebrate the upcoming release of 'Americana' - an album that will deliver his authentic and rustic touch fused with traditional American folk songs - Neil Young is inviting musicians to submit their cover of one of the listed 'Americana' classics for the chance to have their rendition featured on his social media channels.

Publice Vote: June 5, 2012, 10am PST - June 11, 2012, 10am PST
The Voting is closed,
Winner Announced: June 25, 2012 at Talenthouse:

Our part:
We submitted our European version of a traditional American folksong.
This is a live recording not a studio thing. We made no overdubs with one exception: The final chord. Our guitarist Heinz was in China during the time of the recordings. He was building the huge pipe organ of the new concert hall in Qingdao/China. He contributed the final chord recorded during the final tests of the organ.

Wayfaring Stranger is a sad song full of hope.
The first approach for our version was based on a borrowed-tunes-idea adding our own little whirl. Familiar to some Neil Young chords but no copy. It was planned to play it in a Crazy Horse Over and Over style but  the ong itself lead us to a mellow mood and showed what we felt as the heart of the song: A traditional electric rock ballad. That's something we never, really never played before.We were deeply touched by the lyrics. We think this might be heard by listening to the final version. It only took 3 takes in 1 1/2 hours after starting the recording. Most members of the band never heard any other tradional version of this song before. It grew when we played it. We felt that there was nothing to be changed after the recording.

Hope you like it.

The song is dedicated to Rick A..He passed away the day we recorded this song Rick was a fine guy and musician. It was an honor having shared OPL + IRF stages with him.

The Band
RANDOM FOREST are the NX4U-members
Eric Fricke git
Theo Nopper dr
Florian Imbery git
Heinz Jaeger (pipe organ)
Uli Schaetzle bass
with Claudia Joos on vocals.

NX4U is a well known local band from Southern Germany playing a lot of Neil Young and own stuff since more than 20 years. Some oft he members are Rusties. In 1996 NX4U contributed Like a hurricane to the Zain's Glasses Rust compilation. The band visited the USA in 2009, was at the Bridge School Benefit 2009 and attended and played at the International Rustfest in Saratog Springs and at the Old Princeton Landing in Half Moon Bay. Some might remember.

The  Wayfaring Stranger Video



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